Mammoth Imaging Installs Canada’s First TS500P-3200

Mammoth Imaging specializes in delivering innovative fabric displays from its facility in the greater Toronto area. In late 2016, Mammoth Imaging took delivery of Canada’s first Mimaki TS500P-3200 super wide dye sublimation printer. Dating back to its start in 2000, the company has always taken pride in using only the best equipment available to ensure exceptional quality prints.


The choice of a TS500P-3200 printer was quite easy for Mammoth Imaging’s president, Shah Dayan. “Mimaki is an industry leader in dye sublimation printing,” said Dayan. “They’re a proven manufacturer with many years of reliability and success, which is why it was an easy choice for us. Wide range of color gamut achievability, quality, speed and the fantastic take-up system on the TS500P-3200 printer were clear attractions for us.”


Mammoth Imaging specializes in all types of trade show displays, and uses the TS500P-3200 printer to create tension fabric structures, hanging signs, pop-up and retail displays, table throws, banner stands, flags, canopies and more. Mammoth’s customers throughout Canada and the US appreciate the vibrant colors on fabric that the company’s staff can achieve using the TS500P-3200 printer.


The TS500P-3200 printer is a 3.2 meter wide, dedicated transfer model developed for production transfer runs to create extra-wide textile applications such as soft signage, home furnishing and hospitality fabrics. Designed to print onto the thinnest of transfer paper, it includes a high gap printhead that is unaffected by cockling that is a common occurrence when using thin media, while maintaining extremely high quality output.


High print speeds of up to 180 square meters per hour can be achieved in four-color mode on the printer. “The TS500P-3200 printer quadrupled our print production speed,” said Dayan. “We appreciate the peace of mind we get from the printer that delivers fantastic, super quality, seamless printing.”


About Mammoth Imaging

Mammoth Imaging is one of the few companies in Canada to excel in 3.2 meter dye sublimation fabric printing in super wide format. The company’s local facility in Mississauga, Ontario is well equipped with the best equipment in the world that is primed to produce photo quality dye sublimated prints on fabric. Mammoth Imaging is an independently owned Canadian company with a history that dates back 17 years, when it first started as “Beyond Signs” in 2000. The company has been serving the greater Toronto area for more than 18 years and its client base expands every year throughout Canada, US and beyond. Visit for more information.