JV400SUV A Brighter, Faster, Solvent UV Printer

Mimaki JV400SUV

The JV400SUV Series sets new industry standards by combining the flexibility of solvent ink with the durability of UV cured inks. This unique chemistry results in smooth, glossy, scratch-resistant prints that simulate the appearance of being coated yet retain the color brightness expected from a solvent printer. Cooler, immediate UV ink fixing facilitates quicker production turnaround and the ability to print on heat-sensitive media.

JV400-130/160SUV GO BEYOND

  • Advanced in technology
  • High scratch resistance
  • Improved drying and UV curing
  • High-speed print heads
  • Variable dot printing produces smooth gradations
  • Nozzle Recovery System
  • Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS)
  • Three-way intelligent heater improves ink fixability
  • Two model widths: 54-inch (1361 mm) and 64-inch (1610 mm)


Highlights of the Mimaki JV400SUV Series

The Best of Both Inks

The JV400SUV Series combines the flexibility of solvent ink with the durability of UV cured inks. Print on a hundreds of popular media used in solvent printing with high scratch resistance.

High Gloss Finish

Solvent UV ink contains a solvent component that attacks the acceptance layer of the media, fixing the pigment. UV curing takes place not when the ink is discharged but after the pigment is fixed to the media. This process maintains the vivid color reproduction of solvent ink and results in a smooth glossy finish.

Exceptional Scratch Resistance

A UV component remains on the media after curing, which provides exceptionally strong scratch resistance. Solvent UV ink is comparable to – or better than – solvent ink in weather and alcohol resistance. This is particularly appealing for applications where lamination is not desired.

Variable Drop Printing

The advantage of variable drop printing is most apparent when printing color gradations in light or pastel colors.

Uninterrupted Ink Supply System

When printing in CMYK, JV150 Series printers can be configured with two ink cartridges per color. Utilizing the UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System) when one cartridge is emptied, the printer automatically switches to the full cartridge to deliver continuous imaging.


What you can do with the Mimaki JV400SUV Series


Substrates of JV400SUV

  • PVC film
  • Banner material
  • Backlit (blueback) paper
  • Canvas
  • And most media currently used in eco-solvent machines.

Applications of JV400SUV

  • Signage
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Exhibition graphics
  • and more…


Technical overview of the Mimaki JV400SUV Series

Print system On-demand piezo, two in-line print heads
Maximum print width JV400-130SUV: 53.5 inches (1361 mm)
JV400-160SUV: 63.3 inches (1610 mm)
Printing resolutions 600, 900, 1200 dpi
Max print speed JV400-130SUV: 175 SqFt/Hr (16.3 SqM/Hr)
JV400-160SUV: 194 SqFt/Hr (18 SqM/Hr)
Ink type Mimaki SU100 Solvent UV ink: C, M, Y, K
Ink capacity 600ml ink pack
Max media width JV400-130SUV: 53.9 inches (1371 mm)
JV400-160SUV: 63.7 inches (1620 mm)
Max roll weight 55 lbs. (25 kg)
Operational environment Temp: 68˚ – 86˚ F (20˚ – 30˚ C)
35-65% RH (non-condensing)
Connectivity USB 2.0
Power supply Single-phase AC 100-120V (AC 220-240V) x2
Dimensions (W x D x H) JV400-130SUV: 104 x 34 x 56 inches (263 x 85 x 143 cm)
JV400-160SUV: 113 x 34 x 56 inches (288 x 85 x 143 cm)
Weight JV400-130SUV: 531 lbs. (241 kg)
JV300-160SUV: 570 lbs. (259 kg)


Ink for the Mimaki JV400SUV Series

Solvent UV ink (SU100)

Solvent UV ink (SU100) 600ml cartridge*
Cyan SU100-C-60
Magenta SU100-M-60
Yellow SU100-Y-60
Black SU100-K-60
Solvent UV ink (SU100) Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
600ml cartridge* SU100-C-60 SU100-M-60 SU100-Y-60 SU100-K-60

*600 ml ink pack requires eco cartridge (OPT-J0237).

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