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Two Industry Leaders Come Together

Mimaki and Gravotech have teamed together to seamlessly integrate Gravograph’s laser, rotary engraving and material solutions with Mimaki’s UJF Series flatbed printers. This partnership aims to enhance workflows, while also adding to each companies’ individual processes and ensuring customers can continue to create high-quality products with ease.

Below are descriptions of the Gravograph products that Mimaki is offering alongside their feature-rich portfolio.

Engraving Solutions

M40 Engraving & Laser Machine


The M40 combines Gravotech’s engraving and build quality with groundbreaking
productivity. The high powered 50W, direct-drive spindle is maintenance free, with
no belts or lubrication needed. No matter the shape, engraving has never been
faster and easier due to the point-and-shoot job setup with LED and automatic
Z reference.
IS400 Engraving & Laser Machine


Gravotech’s top selling computerized engraving machine is suitable for professional
engravers or the industrial user. The IS400 solution is appropriate for a wide range
of applications, including trophies and plaques, small signage, ADA signage,
marking of industrial parts, tags and 2.5D machining.
IS6000 Engraving & Laser Machine


The IS6000 engraving machine is designed to meet the needs of engraving
professionals, sign shops and manufacturers. The 16” x 24” engraving area is
appropriate for a wide range of applications, including large signage, ADA signage,
control panels, rating tags, marking of industrial parts, machining and routing.
IS8000 Engraving & Laser Machine


The IS8000 is designed to satisfy the demanding production needs of engraving
professionals, sign fabricators and point of purchase providers, in addition to
industrial manufacturers. With its large 24” x 48” engraving area, this machine
adapts well to a wide range of applications, including large signage, dimensional
sign cutting, high volume ADA signage, control panels fabrication (including
stainless steel), rating tags, and marking of industrial parts. With options including
3D software, automated braille insertion, router motor or high frequency spindle,
this system addresses a wide range of production needs.

Laser Solutions

LS100 Engraving & Laser Machine


This economical and compact CO2 laser is ideal for sign shops, trophy and
awards retailers, gift shops, retail stores, offices and manufacturing facilities. This
laser can easily cut 0.25” acrylic or wood in one pass for awards or dimensional
lettering. It’s perfect for engraving wooden plaques, trophy tags, crystal awards
and name badges (engraved surface and cutout), small signage, and cutting and
decorating textiles. It can process an array of materials for traceability for
industrial settings and personalization in retail locations.
LS900 Engraving & Laser Machine


This engraving and cutting system has a table size that is optimized for material
yield and productivity. The processing area measures 24’’ x 24’’ and with a 9.8-inch
Z travel, it can accommodate large parts, odd shaped items, or cut up to 24”
dimensional lettering. With its pass-through door option, this laser is ideal for
processing oversize items, such as signposts and ceremonial shovels. Its robust
design, high resolution CO2 Laser beam and positioning system provide speed,
finesse, power and exceptional precision over the life of the laser.
LS1000XP Engraving & Laser Machine


The LS1000XP large format engraving and cutting solution is perfect for reaching
optimum productivity. The engraving surface measures 24’’ x 48’’ with the ability to
operate in a Class 4 configuration. In this configuration, it’s possible to index a 48”
wide x 96” long sheet of material through the laser and mark/cutout the surface
area in 24” sections. With raster engraving speeds up to 156 inches per second,
and the ability to cut acrylic up to 1” thick, this is the ultimate Class 1 production
CO2 laser system.

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