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Mimaki Lowers Prices Across All Product Lines

Suwanee, GA, October 1, 2021 –Here at Mimaki, we know how invaluable printers are to your bottom line. A reliable, fast, high-quality printer directly translates to increased business. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce that we are lowering the MSRP on the majority of our products. Yes, you read that correctly, LOWERING our prices. We know you count on our printers to get the job done with quality, speed, and precision, and we want to ensure that affordability is something you can count on as well. This isn’t a sale or a promotion, it’s the best possible prices we can offer, and they’re here to stay. With instability and prices seemingly rising all around us, we are glad to have an opportunity to offer savings and certainty instead.

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