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LS1000 XP

The LS1000XP large-format engraving and cutting solution is perfect for reaching maximum productivity, offering fast cutting speeds with the highest accuracy. The engraving surface measures 24'' x 48'' with the ability to operate in a Class 4 configuration. In this configuration, it’s possible to index a 48” wide x 96” long sheet of material through the laser and mark/cutout the surface area in 24” sections. With raster engraving speeds up to 157 inches per second (ips), and the ability to cut acrylic up to 1” thick, it is the ultimate Class 1 production CO2 laser system.

This industrial-grade high-accuracy cutting and engraving laser machine is one of the many user-friendly products that Mimaki is offering as a result of its partnership with Gravotech (formerly Gravograph), a well-established leader in the mechanical and laser engraving industry, with a history of manufacturing achievement that extends back to 1938.

Features & Accessories of the LS1000XP Large-Format Laser Engraving Machine

  • Collection tray
  • Fin cutting table
  • Print and cut registration
  • Machine stand with storage trays
  • Red laser pointer
  • Air assist
  • Integrated safety shut-off
  • Emergency stop button
  • Auto Z reference
  • Point and shoot job registration
  • LaserStyleTM graphic software
  • GravoStyleTM software
  • Complete range of lenses
  • Pin cutting table
  • Cylinder attachment
  • Fume exhaust
  • Filtration units
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Rigid monobloc frame
  • Pressurized nose cones for heavy cutting applications



LS1000 XP

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