Mimaki Helped Displays2go Achieve Business Success

Displays2go has been providing display solutions since 1974. The company has grown into a leading retailer, distributor, and manufacturer of top-quality marketing and merchandising display systems with a diverse line of more than 9,000 unique products, 250 employees, and a nearly 500,000 square foot facility in Fall River, Massachusetts.

The company’s stated mission is to empower businesses and people to connect with the world by providing a wide variety of easy-to-use, brand-enhancing products and personalized solutions. The company’s desire to continue to offer opportunities for its customers to express themselves and their brands through custom printing options led Displays2go staff to add wide format, UV-LED flatbed printing to its line-up.

During its search, Displays2go staff considered both hybrids and traditional flatbeds and focused on a combination of quality, speed, and cost to make its final determination. “We wanted a solution that would allow us the ability to print on a variety of substrates with high quality,” said Michelle Driver, production manager at Displays2go. “We considered hybrid options, but given our applications, we wanted to stick with a printer that keeps the substrate stationary during printing to avoid any overspray.”

Displays2go staff compared output from the Mimaki JFX200-2513 with several other printers on the same substrates and was impressed with the quality of the Mimaki model. There were several additional features that also helped sway their decision, in particular, Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT) that continuously agitates white ink in the printer to help prevent clogging. This core technology was considered a must-have since so much of the company’s work is printing on acrylic using white ink. Also, the printer’s user-friendly RasterLink software was attractive since it was important for Displays2go to have a machine that would be easy to use.

Displays2go worked with Grant Graphics of Saratoga Springs, New York, and its first JFX200-2513 UV-LED flatbed printer was installed in September 2015. “The installation and training was seamless and we were printing on the second day,” said Driver. “Mimaki and Grant Graphics provided great service during the entire process.”

The versatility of the JFX200-2513 printer has been a boon to Displays2go, with its ability to print directly onto rigid substrates that previously used pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) or cut vinyl, or had no customization offering. “Being able to print on rigid materials has opened up our customization to a much wider variety of products,” said Driver “The white ink allows us to include clear substrates in our new offerings.”

With Displays2go’s focus on providing brand-enhancing products and personalized solutions, the main business benefit of the JFX200-2513 printer was enabling the company to expand its selection of printable products with quick, cost-effective solutions for its customers. In addition to enabling the company to print on new products, changing its production process from PSA to direct-to-substrate, UV-LED printing enabled Displays2go to provide better quality printing with cost and time efficiencies – savings which were passed along to its customers. The JFX200-2513 printer also helped the company achieve a sales increase of more than 300 percent in its first year, on one of its most popular printed products. Additionally, Displays2go was able to reduce its already aggressive projection of a nine month ROI down to just six months, as it continued to expand its offerings and convert products over to the JFX200-2513 printer.

The company now utilizes an array of printers including the following Mimaki models: JV34-260 super wide format solvent printer, JFX200-2513 UV-LED flatbed printer, CJV150 cut-and-print device, UJF-6042 UV-LED tabletop printer, and their latest printer acquisition, the TS500P-3200 dye-sublimation printer.  Displays2go’s Vice President of Marketing, Martha Dias, explains “Our team’s mission is to help brands connect with the world, and what better way to support that than by offering personalization opportunities with state-of-the-art printing? Displays2go is excited to continue providing quality printing solutions in-house by expanding its printing capabilities with Mimaki.”