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Mimaki embossed printing design
What Is Embossed Printing?
Embossed printing involves creating raised images, which results in a 3D effect. Traditionally, the image is pressed onto the paper or cardstock, but Mimaki offers an easier way to alter an image’s look and texture and achieve a three-dimensional embossed design.
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inkjet printer, JFX600-2513
UV vs. Latex Printing
Mimaki has paved the way with wide format printers using UV-curable and UV-LED inks. These are a viable alternative to latex inks in large format printing applications—but which technology should you invest in? Here, we’ll look at UV vs. latex printing to help you decide.
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Man putting sticker on a car
Can You Print Your Own Decals?
You can print your own decals using Mimaki printers. This allows you to be as creative as you want and achieve the ideal look for your brand. All you need are the right materials and printing equipment.
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What Is Color Gamut? Everything You Need to Know About Color Gamut and Printing
Color gamut is a common term in the printing industry. Generally, the term refers to the range of colors that the human eye can see. When describing a printing system, such as a UV-LED printer from Mimaki, it refers to the colors and tones that individual printing systems (or target devices) can achieve.
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Lamination film adhension
The Benefits of Lamination
Lamination is a popular way to protect and improve the quality and durability of printed materials. It is often used for restaurant menus, price/part lists, business cards,
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Dye sublimation printer
What Is Sublimation Printing?
Sublimation refers to solid material turning directly into a gas; there is no liquid phase. How does this apply to printing?
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Printhead for plotter
How to Change a Printhead
The printhead is a critical component in any printer. Whether you have a basic inkjet printer or a wide-format printer, it’s important to maintain it. Eventually, the printhead can wear down and require replacement. We’ll show you the proper steps to changing one.
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OEM ink
What Is OEM Ink?
Owning a printer requires changing ink from time to time. When replacing ink, your options include compatible or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products.
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Printing on textiles
How to Print on Fabric with a Textile Ink Printer
Inkjet printing affords many conveniences when working with fabric. You can print in precise detail at high production speeds and equipment, and materials are readily available for short-run production.
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Woman in White Button Up Shirt Sitting on White Ceramic Sink
Creative Ideas for Designing and Decorating with Wallpaper
The finishing touch to decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive or even that complex. Decorating with wallpaper is preferred by many homeowners. It avoids the hassle of adding paint, including waiting for it to dry.
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UV printing ink
How Does UV Ink Work?
Meeting production quality standards requires finding an ink that is suited for the most advanced digital presses. One option is UV-curable ink. With UV printing, ultraviolet light is used to cure and dry ink, which occurs virtually in an instant. By comparison, traditional solvent inks take time to dry, require additives to aid drying,
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printed short sleeve t-shirts
How Product Customization Can Grow Your Small Business
Allowing customers to customize products is one of the best ways for your small business to succeed. Many business owners aren’t equipped for product customization, but positioning your business to be proactive, and also involving customers in the process
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mimaki high resolution banner
Best Large Format Printing Tips for High-Quality Projects
Large format printing provides an opportunity to have your message seen from a distance. However, making your images clean and readable on a large format can be a greater challenge than when utilizing small format printing. Fortunately, there are many design strategies that can instantly grab attention and make your brand recognizable.
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Bedroom white and green bed linen
54 Interior Design Tips for Home Decorating Beginners
Whether you live in a high-rise apartment in the city or have a farmhouse set on acres of land, everyone wants to transform their living space into something that’s beautiful, comfortable, and functional. Interior design is a great way to express yourself throughout your home.
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Mimaki Cut-and-Print Device
Benefits of Printing with White Ink
The advent of white ink printing is one of the best things to happen to the digital printing industry in recent years. White ink printing has opened up endless opportunities and helped reduce the costs involved in a variety of printing processes.
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Come in, we're awesome sign
Top 7 Printed Marketing Materials to Help Build Your Business
The world is rapidly changing, and it seems everything is becoming digital. When it comes to marketing, digital marketing seems to have taken over, but that doesn’t mean you must give up on other physical marketing strategies like print marketing.
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