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How Product Customization Can Grow Your Small Business

Allowing customers to customize products is one of the best ways for your small business to succeed. Many business owners aren’t equipped for product customization, but positioning your business to be proactive, and also involving customers in the process, can help you reach for new goals.

What Is Product Customization?

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Product customization is the capability to alter the design of existing products to accommodate a customer’s requests. Customized products don’t need to be handmade. You can offer a series of options, including choices of materials, colors, or extras. The most cost-effective way to achieve this is to integrate these options with your manufacturing process, so there’s little or no added cost associated with customization. Customization differs from personalization in that it tailors a product to an individual’s needs.

Benefits of Offering Customization for Customers

Product customization can have the following benefits for you and your clientele:

Does Customization Fit Your Business Strategy?

Product customization can be made to fit your business strategy. There are various models for integrating it into your business. A collaborative approach is one method; it can work in the design or distribution stage as the customer communicates their needs.

An adaptive strategy involves creating a single standard product that can be customized for a variety of purposes. With a cosmetic approach, a product can be altered and packaged differently for various consumer groups. However, a transparent method delivers unique products consumers don’t know have been customized, but which have been, based on observation and research.

How Mimaki Helps with Product Customization


Product customization can be implemented easily with the right infrastructure and equipment. At Mimaki, we offer the resources to help your small business add this capability and grow with the following:

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Our product portfolio suits the sign graphics, textile/apparel, industrial, and 3D markets and provides the capabilities to help small businesses grow. These solutions can help boost your product customization capabilities. To learn more about our solutions, services, and resources, continue browsing or call us at 888-530-3988 to speak with a representative or be connected with a local dealer.