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RasterLink6 RIP

This trusted RIP software offers ease of use combined with powerful controls for image quality, color and output. It provides workflow tools designed for production without complication.

RasterLink6 Plus

Mimaki’s original software, RasterLink6, is upgraded with new functions, such as ID Cut and Braille Print.

Original Package System (OGPS)

This is the total solution for on-demand production of original packaging or package prototypes.


This textile software supports RGB color models and raster images that are widely used in digital textile printing. Useful function modules including color replacement, step and repeated pattern creation and multicolor profile creation using spot colors are also provided.


The textile software RIP has become further sophisticated and user-friendly with TXLink4. New useful functions include parallel RIP, load balancing and variable print function.

Simple POP

This original software is designed to boost the creativity of in-store decoration, enabling retailers to produce in-house and widen the range of POP displays by simply using templates.

Mimaki Profile Master 3 (MPM3)

This provides the ability to create and edit ICC color profiles for consistent results and maximum color gamut reproduction

Mimaki Target Color Emulator (MTCE)

This enables Mimaki printers to reproduce colors equivalent to the ones produced by different printer models or ink types. Users can match colors with ease by following the wizard.

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