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Top 7 Printed Marketing Materials to Help Build Your Business

The world is rapidly changing, and it seems everything is becoming digital. When it comes to marketing, digital marketing seems to have taken over, but that doesn’t mean you must give up on other physical marketing strategies like print marketing.

Promotional Products to Help Build Your Brand

Now that you’ve seen the advantages of print marketing, let’s briefly look at some of the types of printed marketing materials you can use to help build your brand.

1. Banners and Signs

No other printed good has as much of an impact to let customers know you are open and welcoming their visit. Signage plays an essential role in promoting both brick-and-mortar businesses, as well as web-based ones. The primary purposes of banners and signs are raising brand awareness and conveying information about products or services you’re promoting.

Come in, we're awesome sign

Because signage is highly visible even at great distances, they are mainly placed outdoors. They should be produced using durable material and ink that doesn’t succumb easily to the elements. Because it’s designed for people on the move, make sure to keep the copy as short and punchy as possible.

2. Stickers

Branded graphics & stickers are another excellent way of using printed materials as a marketing channel. One reason for this is that they’re fun, and people love them for that. You can create different types of stickers for water bottles, laptops, cars, and much more. Distribute them to your customers and watch them spread the word about your brand.

The best part? The only investment involved is printing the stickers. The marketing part is free, as your customers will do that for you. They will be moving ads using whatever medium they choose to place your sticker on.

3. Vehicle Graphics & Wraps

Mobile advertising is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your business. This type of marketing is very effective since it clearly announces key information such as your phone number, type of work, availability, and more. Furthermore, this method of advertising is extremely eye-catching and easily converts to leads.

4. Promotional Products

Other great types of printed marketing material every business should leverage are promotional products. Everyone loves receiving gifts and memorabilia to remember a brand or event. That’s why promotional products make for excellent marketing products.

Promotional products enable your customers to interact with your brand on a physical level. As a result, the sensory experience creates more memorable brand experiences for your customers.

The best part about promotional products is that you can use anything to market your business, and your customers will carry the item with them, especially if it is useful in their daily lives. Simple pens, keychains, flashlights are very impactful, and with promotional items the options are infinite.

5. Flyers

While they may seem like an old-school marketing tool, flyers are still effective today. One reason for this is because fewer businesses are using them, giving you the advantage of being unique. Your customers will appreciate your flyers because they offer respite from the digital media bombarding them on every screen they turn to for business or relaxation.

For you as a business, flyers have the advantage of:

With digital media, people can easily ignore it without seeing the information. When you give a person a flyer, on the other hand, they get a glimpse of your message.

6. Business Cards

Some of the first types of printed marketing materials you need in your marketing arsenal are business cards. They’re ideal for carrying around and distributing to potential clients as you meet because they are compact and lightweight. Business cards are also ideal for your contacts, as they’re easy to store for future reference.

Another reason you must invest in business cards is that they add legitimacy and professionalism to your business.

As for the ROI they bring, studies show that for every 2,000 business cards a business hands out, sales can increase by 2.5%.

7. Packaging

If you sell physical products, you must have one of the most important types of printed marketing materials. This is often a missed-marketing opportunity by many brands, as they never leverage their packaging to its fullest potential. Packaging doesn’t always have to be mass produced and can be made more exclusive in shorter run quantities.

Besides your logo, color palettes, and product information, you can also include marketing copy on your packaging. This can include anything from your brand story to the benefits of your product.

Cardboard Shelf Box

Used well, the way you design your packaging can give your customers a fantastic experience with your brand. As a result, they’ll not only keep on buying your product but also recommend it to their family and friends.

8. 3D Printed Products

3D printed products are another inexpensive way to market your brand. Because 3D printers allow for the easy manufacturing of almost anything, you can use them to create a wide range of printed products—big and small. For example, you can 3D print branded USB sticks, key-rings, branded mugs, miniature versions of your product, and much more.

Another great advantage of 3D printed products is that you can easily and quickly print more when they run out and the demand is high.

Whether you want to print your own 3D products or wish to use our services, feel free to get in touch. We can supply you with your 3D printers, or you can simply use ours if that’s a more convenient setup for you. So go ahead and give us a call at 888-530-3988. We’ll be more than happy to help you with your print marketing.