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Ways to Speed Up Your Next Printing Project

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Print jobs often come with tight deadlines and high demands. Meeting clients’ needs is critical to building revenue, while inefficiencies in your printing process can increase costs. If you want to know how to speed up a printing project without costly delays and mistakes, here are some tips to help you along.


Solid communication between a printer and customer helps eliminate any misunderstandings. Discuss every aspect of design, including color and sizing, as well as project checkpoints, turnaround time, and how final editing will be managed. Both parties should set up a timeline to ensure full coordination.

Plan Your Printing Job

The digital design should be complete by the time the print job is executed. Knowing the colors, media size/type, and steps needed such as folding, scoring, die cutting, UV coating, or embossing ensures all elements are in place and a timeline can be established. Every step can add time, so precise planning helps minimize any delays.

Gather Your Materials

What kind of medium are you using? Whether it’s textile or vinyl, make sure you have what you need. Some projects demand alternative sizes, materials, etc. It’s often faster and more affordable to use standard sizes and keep it simple. Simpler designs often stand out more, while using online design tools or pre-ordered templates can speed things up.

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Know Your Margin of Error

Speed is a priority on large projects, but these typically take more time and are often hit with delays. There should be leeway on both sides to allow for timeline adjustments. Hurdles are even more likely if unique media types are requested, as they must often be custom-manufactured.

Large scale pieces and projects often involve delays, so it’s important to know that extra time may be needed to resolve issues. However, even simpler projects can have delays. For example, if the job requires heavy ink coverage, it might take the ink longer to dry, so deadlines should be set accordingly.

Be Budget Conscious

When choosing materials, a specific design, and a plan, consider what is cost-efficient and works within your budget (it helps to minimize changes and edits). Think about print volume too. The faster you get high-quality results, the more likely it is you’ll get more business!

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