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How Print & Digital Marketing Can Make Marketing Campaigns More Effective

In the digital age, many marketers have allowed digital advertising to take over. Digital ad spending has exploded worldwide and enables access to a wide range of channels, including email, search, and social, not to mention mobile. However, despite the low production costs, a constant barrage of ad messages can reduce the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy. Integrating print and digital marketing can make your marketing campaign even more effective.

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Why Use Print

Print represents one of the oldest forms of advertising and can make your message more memorable. It provides a more visual approach and forges deep connections with audiences. While 77% of adults in the U.S. use a smartphone, according to Pew Research Center,1 a MarketingSherpa survey revealed that 82% of Americans trust newspaper and magazine ads more. It showed mail catalogs, billboards, and posters rate higher than many digital channels.2

The versatility of print is a primary reason to diversify your marketing strategy. These are some reasons to do so:

Print Can Be Formal

Print stands out in a world where email inboxes are filled with digital ads. Luxury retailers know that printed materials create an experience that luxury buyers gravitate to. Whether it’s a new vehicle or an architectural publication, the quality and trust enabled by printed materials outmatches that of a digital ad. It fully captures the attention of individuals interested in high-end products.

A print campaign using newspaper and magazine ads is the most effective approach to announcing a new product launch, update, or technological improvement. Educated readers often see reading a newspaper or magazine as a symbol of respect. The reader also has more time to study the advertisement without distractions and time limits.

Print Can Be Personal

There are a lot of ways to leverage print advertising. You can choose almost any medium, including banners, brochures, billboards, retail signage, cards, etc. Small businesses to large corporations can customize their strategy to reach their target market. There’s no more personal way to interact with existing or prospective customers than putting a printed pamphlet, brochure, or catalog in their hands.

In this manner, print marketing allows you to interact with your audience face-to-face. It’s highly effective at trade shows and conferences where there are numerous interactions. While a QR code can provide access to information, it will never have the same immediate impact or deliver the same immersive experience.

Digital Marketing

Just because print has proven to be so effective, it doesn’t mean you should give up on digital media. You can connect with customers no matter where they are, as long as they’re connected to the internet. Digital marketing is affordable and lets you interact with an audience that uses Google, social media, and email. It is affordable and even lets you reach out to audiences on their smartphones via text marketing and the apps they use.

Before we look at the perks of integrating print and digital marketing, here are some key elements to an effective digital marketing campaign:

Why Combine Print and Digital Marketing

Print marketing distinguishes your business, is trusted, and has a strong impact. Meanwhile, your digital marketing efforts can reach consumers efficiently and are instantly measurable. Your print and digital messages can reinforce one another to increase brand awareness and interaction. In addition, digital can quickly lead to a purchase, registration, or another type of conversion.

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In fact, print ads with references to digital assets can drive your digital marketing strategy. There’s also the ability to reach a broader audience. While older audiences often prefer print, younger audiences gravitate toward digital channels. Do you think going digital means there’s no going back? Combining the best of both worlds lets you benefit from the strengths of each and improve the potential success of your campaign.

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