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Interior Design & Home Decorating Tips for Beginners

Whether you live in a high-rise apartment in the city or have a farmhouse set on acres of land, everyone wants to transform their living space into something that’s beautiful, comfortable, and functional. Interior design is a great way to express yourself throughout your home. With the right printing techniques and equipment, you can create a variety of decorations, designs, and accent pieces.

Bedroom white and green bed linen

If you’re dreaming of a social media-worthy home, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn some of the best interior design tips for home decorating beginners.

Understand Basic Design Principles

Everyone has a style that they like. Maybe you prefer a more casual look instead of formal. Or maybe you’ve taken a serious liking to the popular shabby chic and farmhouse looks. Whatever style you prefer, the first thing you’ll want to do is identify the look that you want to achieve.

Once you’ve picked a style, the next thing to do is to understand the basic elements of interior design. These include concepts like balance, color, contrast, and the use of patterns.


When designing and decorating a room, you’ll want to pay attention to the visual weight of the space. This can be done both symmetrically and asymmetrically. The method you choose depends on the style that you want.

There are many ways to create balance, including:

Creating balance can be as simple as putting two of the same accent pillows on either side of your bed. Or you can create visual balance by hanging wall art at or slightly above eye level.


Choosing a color palette is a must, whether you’re decorating your living room, bedroom, or any other space in your home. Ideally, you’ll want to have a single color palette throughout your home or color palettes that mesh well.

When deciding on a color palette, there are some factors to consider. For example, you don’t want to choose a dark color palette for a small room, as this can make the area feel even smaller.

These days, neutral palettes with pops of color are most popular. This is because neutral colors are timeless and can be accented with different colors and shades. With neutral walls and furniture, you can use almost any saturated color to bring some life and visual interest into the room.


Rooms that lack contrast and variety also lack visual interest. While repeating elements with the same color or texture does create balance, it’s also important to include items that are unique and will stand out in the room. These elements will draw the eyes and will keep your room from becoming visually boring.

Embrace Using Printers for Interior Design Projects


Mixing patterns is a fun way to create a unique room feel. Patterns don’t have to match, but they should complement and coordinate. When choosing patterns, pay close attention to size, color, and scale.

Imagine being able to create custom printed wallpaper to use for an accent wall or to make a bookshelf pop. What if you could design and print a unique fabric or art canvas that you’ll never find in anyone else’s home? Instead of settling for store-bought products, printers open up a whole world of creative possibilities that can complement or complete any space!

As printing technology has continued to advance, interior designers are harnessing their power to create graphics, textiles, fabrics, and more. With the right printer, interior design dreams become reality.

Choosing the right printer is a must. While printers are commonly used to print wall decor and other types of art, today’s modern printers are capable of producing custom tablecloths, curtains, cushions, tiles, glass, and so much more.

To get the best and most brilliant results, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality printer that creates durable and fade-resistant prints. The printer must also be able to reproduce the idea accurately. Gradients, patterns, and challenging color combinations should be achievable for the design element to pop. Pigment inkjet printers are a must for anyone looking to embark on an interior design project.

Textiles are some of the most sought-after design elements and often command the highest prices. Custom drapes, duvets, upholstery, and fabric design elements are among the most popular. Quite a few designers are using pigment-based printers to establish unique products in so many spaces. Depending on the material, it’s important to choose the right printer and ink for the best results.

Some of the best textile printers include:

A wide format printer is a worthwhile investment. This type of printer can handle large prints that can be framed, directly put on the wall, worn, or interacted with.  Known for their rich colors, versatility, and quality means you’ll get exactly what you envisioned.

Rephrasing slightly to be more focused on designers or startups who might want to use a printer to enhance their business as opposed to individuals who likely won’t buy a printer just for personal use.

Super-Wide Digital Fabric Printing

Need Help Choosing a Printer?

There are so many choices in the market. Figuring out which one is best for your interior design project can feel like a never-ending battle. The team at Mimaki is here to make the decision process a breeze!

Our team of printing experts will pair you with a printer and ink that best meets your needs. Whether you want to print floor graphics, lamp shades, curtains, or other types of decor, we’re sure to have a printer that can turn your project dreams into reality.

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