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How Does UV Ink Work?

Meeting production quality standards requires finding an ink that is suited for the most advanced digital presses. One option is UV-curable ink. With UV printing, ultraviolet light is used to cure and dry ink, which occurs virtually in an instant. By comparison, traditional solvent inks take time to dry, require additives to aid drying, release volatile organic compounds during evaporation, and are absorbed into the substrate, which can dilute colors.

Components of UV Ink

UV printing ink

UV ink is uniquely made up of:

Why Choose UV Printing Over Other Processes?

A photomechanical process turns UV ink from a liquid to a solid upon deposition. UV printing is used on paper, synthetic paper, fabric, wood, aluminum, acrylic, plastic, glass, and canvas, as well as PVC and polystyrene. It’s suited for printing images on anything, from clothing to flyers, advertising displays, banners, and billboards.

The advantages over other processes include:

What UV-LED Products Does Mimaki Offer?

Mimaki, a leader in premium UV-LED printing products, offers multi-color, high-speed UV-LED and eco-solvent roll to roll printers. We have models for indoor and outdoor signage; some are capable of simultaneous printing on two rolls, producing oversized graphics, or photorealistic image quality. Our products can yield large amounts of square footage per hour.

Mimaki Cut-and-Print Device

In addition, we offer UV flatbed printers that can work with a variety of substrates and have enclosed printing areas to minimize contamination. Our printers come with specialized software for even more control over high-quality results. Many are built with oversized components to process large boards at efficient speeds. Waveform control, Mimaki circulation technology, and a nozzle recovery system are just of the few technologies we have incorporated.

These are in addition to our many textile/dye sublimation products, large format cutters and laminators, 3D printers, and inks, media, and software products. To learn more about them and our UV printing equipment, continue browsing or call us at 888-530-3988 today.