Mimaki USA Announces Internet of Things (IoT) Initiative

Mimaki USA Announces Internet of Things (IoT) Initiative

Suwanee, GA, April 9, 2018 – Mimaki USA, a global industry leader of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, announced today Mimaki’s IoT technology development initiative. On the technological front, IoT will support the automatic and unattended operation of Mimaki printer products and connected production systems.

IoT development will enable Mimaki inkjet printers to communicate with robots, belt conveyors, inspection devices, various sensors and other peripheral equipment, such as pre/post processing devices. This connectivity can be customized to total workflow solutions and scaled as needed.

Utilizing a multi-step communication process, the company will showcase the Mimaki Job Controller, which will communicate between the printer, a robot arm and a conveyor for seamless connectivity. This production line carries out a series of commands that feed the printer, collect the product and deliver the finished goods.

Incorporated MDL Commands control the functions of the printer, which eliminate the need for manual operation and can be easily incorporated into any manufacturing line. This will lead to a future of on-demand mass customization to support the next generation of production.

Mimaki will make it possible for customers to build an optimum system by creating and using MDL Commands that can be developed with the company’s SDK. This opportunity helps incorporate otherwise separate workflows and peripherals as well as creates a path for communication to Mimaki products.

About Mimaki USA

Mimaki is a global industry leader of wide-format inkjet printers, cutting plotters, 3D modeling machines, software, hardware and associated consumable items, such as inks and cutting blades. The company engineers and manufactures a complete range of products that attain the total workflow solution for sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial printing professionals. Mimaki excels in offering superior quality and reliable products, based upon its aqueous solvent and UV-curable inkjet technology. As an innovator and strategic partner, Mimaki is committed to always providing “something new, something different” in the marketplace. For more information, visit www.mimakiusa.com or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram @MimakiUSA.