Mimaki CF2 Series wide format flatbed cutting plotters

The Mimaki CF2 Series of flatbed cutters are available in three sizes and a range of 30 cutting configurations to suit the needs of your workflow. All are capable of cutting a variety of media from thin film up to thick rubber. Signboards, point-of-purchase displays, package prototypes, and industrial components can all be produced on one unit, with a range of available tools. When combined with an inkjet printer in a production workflow, the pair makes a screen-less, die-less, on-demand system.

CF2 Series Go Beyond

  • Three sizes available:
    • CF2-0912: 35.4 x 47.2 inches (90 x 120 cm)
    • CF2-1215: 47.2 x 59 inches (120 x 150 cm)
    • CF2-1218: 47.2 x 70.8 inches (120 x 180 cm)
  • Wide range of tools and toolset combinations
  • Reciprocating cutting
  • Tangential cutting
  • Eccentric cutting
  • Creasing
  • Enables on-demand production of short run or custom pieces
  • Produce samples, package prototypes


Highlights of the Mimaki CF2 Series

The Mimaki CF2 Series cutting plotters provide the ability to produce on-demand production of custom goods for display, innovative value-added products and industrial use. It can also be used to produce samples and package prototypes. A mark sensor function enables accurate contour cutting of printed media.

Available Toolsets

Select from a range of toolsets depending on your application.

For small lot commercial production of decorated cases, displays, POP, coated board, corrugated materials, etc.

T /TF / RT
For use with a variety of industrial materials such as rubber, resin, plastic, laminated pieces, foam materials, FPC board and more.

Materials supported T TF RT TD RC
Corrugated fiberboard (E to B corrugation)*
Corrugated fiberboard (AB corrugation)*
Coated board for packaging*
Vinyl chloride for clear packaging*
Plastic corrugated fiberboard
Vinyl chloride sheet for signboard
Soft vinyl chloride (0.5 to 10mm) * *
Reflecting sheet
Sand-blast rubber
Industrial sheet rubber (3mm or less)
Industrial sheet rubber (0.5 to 10 mm) * *
Pattern Happort
Teflon (1.0 to 5.0mm)
Resin belt (5.0mm or less)
Various foam (20mm or less)

√ = supported with standard accessories
* = supported with optional items


What you can do with the Mimaki CF2 Series

Examples of applications

  • Package Prototypes
  • Short-run packaging
  • Custom original goods
  • 3D logos
  • Buttons
  • Fashion accessories (belts)
  • ID cards
  • Operation panels
  • Gasket for in between machine parts
  • Packaging materials
  • POS displays
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Signboards and display materials
  • Toys

Suitable cutting materials

Depending on head type and blade type

  • Channel board
  • Coated board for packaging
  • Corrugated fiberboard (E to A corrugation)
  • Industrial sheet rubber (max. 3 mm)
  • Paste board
  • Pattern happort
  • Plastic corrugated fiberboard
  • Reflective sheet
  • Sandblast rubber
  • Styrene board
  • Teflon (1-5 mm)
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl chloride for packaging
  • Vinyl chloride sheet for signboard

As materials can differ depending on the manufacturer, the suitability of the material should be tested.


Technical overview of the Mimaki CF2 Series

Type Flatbed cutting plotter
Driving method Driving method X/Y/Z/Θ 4 axes: DC servo motor
Material holding method CF2-0912: 35.4 x 47.2” (90 x 120 cm)
CF2-1215: 47.2 x 59” (120 x 150 cm)
CF2-1218: 47.2 x 70.8” (120 x 180 cm)
Max media thickness T / TD toolset: 1” (25 mm)
RT / RC toolset: 0.8” (20 mm)
Max downforce pressure*
*varies with tool used
TD toolset: 5000g
RC toolset: 5000g
T toolset: 1500g
TF toolset: 5000g
RT toolset: 1500g
Max cutting speed 19.7” (50 cm) per second
Available toolsets
Head Tool
TD A Pen/swivel cutter
B Tangential cutter
C Marking gauge roller
RC A Pen/swivel cutter
B Reciprocating cutter
Tangential cutter
C High-pressure tangential cutter/creasing tool
T A Pen/swivel cutter
B Tangential cutter
TF A Pen/swivel cutter
B Tangential cutter
C High-pressure tangential cutter
RT A Pen/swivel cutter
B Reciprocating cutter
Tangential cutter
C Tangential cutter
Operational environment Temp: 41˚ – 104˚ F (5˚ – 40˚ C)
35-75% RH (non-condensing)
Connectivity RS-232
Power supply AC100V-240V, 50/60 Hz (cutter only)
Dimensions (W x D x H) CF2-0912: 69.3 x 63 x 43.3” (176 x 160 x 110 cm)
CF2-1215: 81.1 x 74.8 x 43.3” (206 x 190 x 110 cm)
CF2-1218: 92.9 x 74.8 x 43.3” (236 x 190 x 110 cm)
Weight (cutter only) CF2-0912: 308 lbs. (140 kg)
CF2-1215: 364 lbs. (165 kg)
CF2-1218: 397 lbs. (180 kg)



Supplies for the Mimaki CF2 Series

Popular tools:

Tangential cutter Part Number
Titanium-coated blade 30˚ SPB-0047
Titanium-coated blade 45˚ SPB-0008
High-speed steel blade 30˚ SPB-0043
High-speed steel blade 45˚ SPB-0044
Carbide blade 30˚ SPB-0045
Carbide blade 45˚ SPB-0046
Eccentric Cutter PN
PVC Sheet SPB-0001
Small Letters SPB-0003
Rubber Sheet SPB-0005
Reflective Sheet SPB-0006
Fluorescent Sheet SPB-0007
Reciprocating cutter PN
20mm blade SPB-0055
Carbide blade 2˚ SPB-0064
Carbine blade 17˚ SPB-0065
Creasing PN
Creasing roller CN SPB-0057
Creasing roller PN SPA-0058
Tangential cutter: Blade Titanium-coated 30˚ Titanium-coated 45˚ High-speed steel 30˚ High-speed steel 45˚ Carbide 30˚ Carbide 45˚
Part Number SPB-0047 SPB-0008 SPB-0043 SPB-0044 SPB-0045 SPB-0046
Eccentric cutter: swivel blade PVC Sheet Small Letters Rubber Sheet Reflective Sheet Fluorescent Sheet
Part Number SPB-0001 SPB-0003 SPB-0005 SPB-0006 SPB-0007
Creasing Roller CN Roller PN
Part Number SPB-0057 SPA-0058
Reciprocating cutter: blade 20mm Carbide 2˚ Carbine 17˚
Part Number SPB-0055 SPB-0064 SPB-0065


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