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Mimaki USA announces CFX Series of production flatbed cutters

Mimaki USA announces CFX Series of production flatbed cutters

Includes three models with a variety of tools for cutting and creasing

Suwanee, GA, Mar. 21, 2024 – Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, today announced the CFX Series of production flatbed cutters in three table sizes, with a wide range of tools for a variety of applications. The CFX Series of cutters will make its North American debut in the Mimaki USA booth 1435 at the International Sign Expo, April 10-12, in Orlando.

Key features

Three available bed sizes. The CFX-2513 is the smallest unit with a table size of 2.5 m wide by 1.3 m long (101.18” x 74.4”). The CFX-2531 is the midrange model with a table size of 2.5 m wide by 3.1 m long (101.18” x 148.81”). The CFX-2550 is the largest unit with a table size of 2.5 m wide by 5 m long (101.18” x 223.22”). The CFX-2513 and CFX-2531 can be upgraded to the next larger bed size after installation.

Higher speed for improved productivity. The CFX Series can achieve a tool moving speed of up to 60 m/min (39 in/min), and acceleration of 0.7G that reduces machining time.

Multi-tool head reduces tool changes. Four tools can be used simultaneously, increasing machining variation and reducing the number of changes. In addition to the pen unit (eccentric cutter), three types of tools from a selection of nine varieties can be mounted on the head at the same time. Pen, reciprocating, V-cut, and creasing tools can be mounted simultaneously, increasing the possible variations and reducing the frequency of tool changes.

Pressure and position controls. Two types of controls are selectable:  a pressure control with a maximum of 30 kg (294 N), and a position control that enables high-quality cutting and ruled lining. The ball screw on the Z-axis allows pressures from 5 to 30 kg (49 to 294 N). The cutting process is performed in position-controlled mode, which enables high-quality cuts with less blade breakage over multiple cuts. Two processing modes can be selected for ruled lining:  pressure-controlled mode and position-controlled mode, depending on the material.

More accurate cutting. Based on the pre-measured flatness information of the table surface, the tool height is automatically adjusted according to the table position to reduce the occurrence of over-cutting and left-over cutting. It also reduces cutting into – and extends the life of – the cutting mat.

Backside cutting mode enables accurate cutting and ruled lining. The patent-pending backside cutting mode is available when combined with the optional camera unit. The system uses the camera unit to recognize registration marks printed on the surface and material edges, reverses the material, recognizes the edges, and applies corrections based on the data-specified locations for processing. It is useful for low-surface incision cuts and ruled lining cardboard, and for V-cuts to create seamless edges on fixtures.

Adobe® Illustrator® plug-in for Mimaki FineCut/Coat9. Users of Adobe Illustrator software can use the included FineCut/Coat9 plug-in cutting software for detailed functions such as cut order control and cutting with register marks.

Designed to pair with JFX UV-LED Series flatbed printers

The CFX Series of flatbed cutters are ideally paired with a JFX Series printer for print then cut production of sign and graphics applications such as POP displays, labels/decals, signboards, event displays and fixtures, as well as folding cartons and cardboard processing, and other industrial cutting applications.

In particular, the CFX-2531 and CFX-2205 models pair well with the new JFX600-2531 UV-LED flatbed printer when using it to print oversized graphics. Both cutter models can accommodate the JFX600-2531 printer’s maximum media size of 2550 mm x 3150 mm (100.43” x 124.05”).


The CFX Series of cutters is expected to be available for order from Mimaki USA authorized representatives in the summer of 2024.

About Mimaki USA

Mimaki is an innovator and pioneer in the development of digital printing and cutting products worldwide. The company engineers and manufactures a complete line of digital printers and cutters and offers a total workflow solution for the many applications found in the Sign & Graphics, Textile & Apparel, Industrial Printing, and 3D markets. In 2024, Mimaki USA celebrates 25 years of service to print service providers in the Americas. It is an operating entity of Mimaki Engineering of Japan. For more information, visit or Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and Instagram @MimakiUSA.


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