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Pre And Post Processing Workflow Solutions

Take control your textile production process with our coating, steaming and washing machines from Rimslow Global. Paired with one of our TX Series direct-to-textile printers, you have a seamless workflow solution, saving you time and money.



  • Compact design )including drying heater 102″x67″x43″ (WxDxxH)
  • Coating fabric for inkjet printing with reactive dye, acid dye, textile pigment, and disperse dye inks
  • Coating liquid circulation system
  • Wrinkle spreading bar allows for the stable fabric transportation
  • Easy and effective operation: Favorite settings can be registered for an effective operation


TR300-1850S & TR600-1850S

  • Max temperature of 365ºF
  • Easy handling of fabric by roll to roll production
  • Electric steaming: No additional boiler required



  • Advanced Washing system + Large dryer achieves high productivity as max. approx. 50Lm/hour (164LFt/hr)
  • Pre-treatment function: Allows to coat pre-treatment agent without having separate coating machine
  • Automatic selvedge alignment
  • Easy to handle roll form in feeding and winding. Equipped with the tension bar and scroll roller which reduce wrinkle


Maximum media width

72″ (1,850 mm)

Maximum media diameter

11.8″ (300 mm)

Maximum settable temperature 

TR300-1850C: 212° F (100° C)
TR300-1850S: Saturated steam: 215.6° F (102° C)
TR600-1850S: Saturated steam: 215.6° F (102° C)
TR600-1850W: 356° F (180° C)


TR300-1850C: 21° F (100° C)
TR300-1850S: Overheat steam: 356° F (180° C)
TR600-1850S: Overheat steam: 356° F (180° C)
TR600-1850W: 356° F (180° C)

Maximum processing speed

TR300-1850C: 75 lm/h
TR300-1850S: 55 lm)/h
TR600-1850S: 260 lm)/h
TR600-1850W: 130 lm/h

Tray capacity for agent application

TR300-1850C: 25 L
TR600-1850W: 24 L

Tank capacity (Pre-treatment agent)

TR300-1850C: 50 L

Tank capacity (Water)

TR300-1850S: 25 L
TR600-1850S: 50 L
TR600-1850W: 340 L x 4

Fabric length

TR300-1850S: 6 m
TR600-1850S: 26 m

Heater power


Power supply

TR300-1850C: 3-phase 4-wire AC400V±5%, 50/60Hz±1Hz 32A or less
TR300-1850S: 3-phase 4-wire AC400V±5%, 50/60Hz±1Hz 32A or less
TR600-1850S: 3-phase 4-wire AC400V±5%, 50/60Hz±1Hz (Amp:TBD) or less
TR600-1850W: 3-phase 4-wire AC400V±5%, 50/60Hz±1Hz 100A or less

Power consumption

TR300-1850C: 18 kW
TR300-1850S: 12 kW
TR600-1850S: 18 kW
TR600-1850W: 66 kW

Water consumption

TR300-1850C: N/A (Only required for cleaning)
TR600-1850W: 600 L/h

Compressed air

TR300-1850C: 200 L/min. at 6 bars
TR600-1850W: 1,500 L/min. at 6 bars

Dimensions (WxDxH)

TR300-1850C: 102.4 x 66.9 x 43.3″ (2,600 x 1,700 x 1,100 mm)
TR300-1850S: 98.4 x 63.0 x 51.2″ (2,500 x 1,600 x 1,300 mm)
TR600-1850S: 102.4 x 114.2 x 63.0″ (2,600 x 2,900 x 1,600 mm)
TR600-1850W: 107 x 166 x 95″ (2,700 x 4,200 x 2,400 mm)

  • TR300-1850C: 838 lbs. (380 kg)
  • TR300-1850S: 1,058 lbs. (480 kg)
  • TR600-1850S: 3,616 lbs. (1,640 kg)
  • TR600-1850W:
    • Washing unit = 3,131 lbs. (1,420 kg)
    • Electrical box = 132 lbs. (60 kg)
    • Drying unit = 1,764 lbs. (800 kg)
    • Winder = 331 lbs. (150 kg)
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