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What Is Color Gamut? Everything You Need to Know About Color Gamut and Printing
Color gamut is a common term in the printing industry. Generally, the term refers to the range of colors that the human eye can see. When describing a printing system, such as a UV-LED printer from Mimaki, it refers to the colors and tones that individual printing systems (or target devices) can achieve.
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Lamination film adhension
The Benefits of Lamination
Lamination is a popular way to protect and improve the quality and durability of printed materials. It is often used for restaurant menus, price/part lists, business cards,
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Dye sublimation printer
What Is Sublimation Printing?
Sublimation refers to solid material turning directly into a gas; there is no liquid phase. How does this apply to printing?
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Printhead for plotter
How to Change a Printhead
The printhead is a critical component in any printer. Whether you have a basic inkjet printer or a wide-format printer, it’s important to maintain it. Eventually, the printhead can wear down and require replacement. We’ll show you the proper steps to changing one.
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OEM ink
What Is OEM Ink?
Owning a printer requires changing ink from time to time. When replacing ink, your options include compatible or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products.
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