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Composition of different promo products - Thermo mug, mug, gifts, pens in boxes, notebooks, tools, cap,flag table.
What Can I Print with a Large Format Printer?
A large format printer is a versatile machine that can produce any image or create a wide range of products. Using Solvent, UV-LED, dye sublimation, cutting technologies, and more, our wide-format systems work with numerous printing media to create amazing applications.
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Serious young engineer examining wide format printer
Understanding the Dye Sublimation Process
Printers that use the dye sublimation process can produce any type of design in vivid detail. Most people are familiar with how an inkjet printer works, which is relatively simple. A dye sublimation printer differs in that it applies heat and pressure to vaporize ink and embed it into the printed material.
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Mimaki embossed printing design
What Is Embossed Printing?
Embossed printing involves creating raised images, which results in a 3D effect. Traditionally, the image is pressed onto the paper or cardstock, but Mimaki offers an easier way to alter an image’s look and texture and achieve a three-dimensional embossed design.
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inkjet printer, JFX600-2513
UV vs. Latex Printing
Mimaki has paved the way with wide format printers using UV-curable and UV-LED inks. These are a viable alternative to latex inks in large format printing applications—but which technology should you invest in? Here, we’ll look at UV vs. latex printing to help you decide.
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Man putting sticker on a car
Can You Print Your Own Decals?
You can print your own decals using Mimaki printers. This allows you to be as creative as you want and achieve the ideal look for your brand. All you need are the right materials and printing equipment.
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